We saw Sin City friday night, finally. As it worked out, we opted for the later show and had a delicious Thai dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, followed by some cappucino and dessert. The movie was everything it was billed as: bloody, pummelling, fast-paced noir. Frank Miller, while having some serious issues to work out, still writes like a demon on speed.

Saturday, motivation was at an all-time low due to excessive rain. We did some shopping, found a carpet on sale at Pier One for 40% off (our collection of floor coverings ranges from the ratty to the threadbare) and generally did nothing else worth mentioning.

Sunday we had plans to hit the Udvar-Hazy museum in DC to look at the Smithsonian’s collection of planes. Jen’s Dad was driving up to the house to meet us, which meant we had to run around chasing hairballs and dirty laundry for a few hours to straighten up the joint. Before we left, we got an impromptu visit from the Cauzzis, who were on their way home from the airport after dropping off some fambly. Mama looks great and is recovering well. After a quick breakfast and tour of the garden, we were on our way. Jen’s father told us stories of visiting the old Suitland facility years ago; he befriended Paul Garber, who used to let him walk around and see the collection by himself. When we stood on the catwalk over the shiny Enola Gay, he told us about climbing into the pilot’s seat when it was stored on blocks in the warehouse and staring out through the dusty windows. It was a treat to walk the hangar with him and listen to the stories of his barnstorming days in Florida when he was towing gliders with an 85-hp. Piper Cub and his Navy training days in a yellow Stearman. The collection is impressive and immense, and they haven’t even finished filling the hangar yet.

I had ideas of coming home and continuing work on the bedroom electrical, but it got sidelined by the onset of a migraine headache, which shot the whole rest of the evening. Hopefully this week, if life doesn’t get in the way, I can finish the wiring and be done with it once and for all.

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