I wish I had something more exciting to talk about today, but there’s not a whole lot to tell. Jen and I are horrifically busy. I was supposed to be getting some work done last night, but I got pinned to the couch by two cats and a viewing of Lost. Our vegetables are growing happily, and I ordered the remaining pipe fittings to build the second half of the irrigation system. Dooce reviewed a chandelier Jen and I were considering for our dining room…not. our phones are wonderful little machines but it seems that Cingular’s coverage is spotty (or flip-phones have lousy reception.) This weekend we are hosting Jen’s family to attend graduation of one of her sisters from college. We weren’t sure where or what time the ceremony is, or if we were going to have tickets to attend (apparently, it’s free) or even who was coming in (we’re still not sure). So the weekend should be interesting.

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