This weekend Jen’s sister Christi graduated from U of M, and we hosted 4/5 of the family in Catonsville. Saturday Jen spent the day retrieving people from airports while I attempted to mow the front half of the lawn before it grew higher than our roofline. We took everybody out to the Ship’s Ahoy (our local dive-bar-turned-respectable-restaurant) for crabs, something everybody wasn’t really sure they were in the mood for until the lady dumped two dozen steaming hot 38’s on the table. We had a great time sitting around and catching up with everybody over what turned out to be too many beers (our bar tab equalled or exceeded the food bill) and returned to the house to accidentally call Jen’s Dad and share our anniversary cake. I have pictures of all of this, but they’re stuck on my phone.

Just for the record, the bakers got the cake wrong again for the second time. (They offer a complimentary one-year anniversary cake free of charge so you don’t have to keep the dregs of your actual wedding cake in the freezer, which is a nice idea.) We were not amused. Almond, DAMMIT!

Sunday there was much driving. And sitting. And waiting. Speeches were given, asses were numb, and Christi walked across the stage. We hooted and hollered, and took blurry pictures, and then waited through more speeches to leave.

Congratulations, Christi!

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2 Responses to Graduate.

  1. stinkypants says:

    doh! I didnt know the picture was being taken!

  2. the idiot says:

    You didn’t know I was taking the picture? I counted off, you ding-dong!