This morning fresh air blew through the open windows and I could smell the scent of the tulip tree on the breeze. It’s supposed to be overcast and raining today, and in the 60’s for the weekend, but everything is blooming outside, and the birds were in full song. I broke out the year’s first pair of shorts.

There’s a long list of things to be done outside this spring, some of which includes ripping out all the ivy on the west side of the house and de-infesting the ‘hedge’ over there of the creeper vines. I’d really love to get out there early tomorrow with some coffee and a pair of clippers to do some surgery, especially because that’s where the poison ivy lives in the summertime. Having that cleaned up would make the side yard a lot tidier this summer. Jen’s perennials have (mostly) peeked up above the soil, and the first round of bulbs have come and gone.

Measuring out the greenhouse for new plastic, I found that it’s going to be cheaper than I thought to buy, which is good news.

I’m going to build the other planter for the greenhouse tomorrow as well, and I suppose we’ll be buying some topsoil and mulch for around the yard to boot. I’d really love to spend the entire day out there, but I may have to curb my green fever so that I can get some paying work done as well.

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