This weekend I took advantage of the lousy overcast weather to completely strip and re-cover our greenhouse.


As you can see, it was nasty with a capital “N”. Years of mold and dirt were stuck on the outside and in between the sheets of plastic.


Once the new plastic was up, the inside of the greenhouse was a completely different place.


I re-arranged the clutter and set up our tables so that there’s one whole dry side and one irrigated side. During the rain on Saturday, I cemented the piping together and drilled holes for the sprinkler. This afternoon we finally got to test it out—everything works great. I have to drill another length of pipe with a smaller bit and adjust the pattern for better coverage, but everything works as advertised. (there’s water dripping in this photo:)


Now I’m too tired to write anything else. Oh, yeah, we bought about $300 worth of plants. More on that later.

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4 Responses to Greenhouse…Check.

  1. ren says:

    jealousy jealousy jealousy jealousy

  2. Miss Lis says:

    Although in plant circles I am a renowned serial killer (with the one exception of a cactus I have by some miracle kept alive since 1998) I am very envious of your greenhouse.

  3. Linda says:

    Supa dupa fly!

  4. the idiot says:

    Thanks. Now I have absolutely no excuse for killing any of our plants.

    I bought two tomato and two bell pepper plants on Sunday; these will be the first of (hopefully) many.