Seems like everybody’s kicking right now. the Pope, Frank Perdue, Johnny Cochran, Saul Bellow, and Prince Ranier are all dead and Peter Jennings has the cancer. Pete, who is the healthiest-looking (and probably youngest) of the four of them, has lung cancer. Damn.

On the list of current and very future projects: fixing up the greenhouse. I’ve written about this on the old log, but when the mid-month paycheck comes in, I’m investing in a swath of UV resistant poly sheathing to replace the dirty, tattered plastic that’s up right now. I’ve also thought about plastic walls for a more durable structure (not to mention better heat retention), but I think price is too much a factor right now. I also put together a flowerbox for outside the greenhouse doors from some pressure-treated 2’x6′ so that Jen can transplant the day lilies in the east flowerbed before they grow too big. I have to get a little more lumber to finish the mate, but the first one looks good.

Also outside, I’ve been cleaning out the garage in preparation for project Hide The Scout. All of the debris from last year’s rehabbing with the exception of some carpet and an old air conditioner is gone, and next I’ll reinforce the floor with extra lumber and shoring to take the weight of the Scout. in related news, I’m sending a set of pictures to a shop in West Virginia who’ve retubbed a series of Scouts in the last couple of years; I’m doing some freelance right now whose earnings I’d like to put aside for that specific cause. More info on that later.

And in local news, the monthly archive section is fixed on Idiotking, so that instead of unslightly teenage facial blemishes, there is a clean listing of all the entries for each month. Whew.

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