Upon looking closer at my hosting package, and doing some followup name searches for an as yet unnamed project, I realized that I could have purchased the domain “ofhammers.com”, and then pointed my address to http://bag.ofhammers.com.


But in hindsight, that would have been a pain in the ass to describe the link to somebody—not as bad as del.icio.us, but almost.

“So, it’s h-t-t-p colon forward-slash forward-slash bag dot ofhammers—that’s one word—dot com.”

“what about the double-u double-u double-u?”

“no, bag dot ofhammers dot com.”

“don’t you need the W-W-W? Everybody else has that in their address.”

“no, it’s just bag dot ofhammers dot com.”

“I think you need the W-W-W, dude. That’s not gonna work.”

You get my drift. (I’ve had that conversation several times. I also had a conversation with the know-it-all bizdev douche at the dot com I worked for who grilled me on why our company name didn’t resolve without the W-W-W. I finally had to tell him to complain to IT, and resisted the urge to punch him in the face.)

In other news, I busted out the ink and brushes for another hush-hush project last night and made about fifteen illustrations in an hour, and it felt damn good. There’s something liberating and free about brush and ink; even though the illustration market is already flooded with it, I’m considering doing some more.

Tonight I think I’m going to sit on the couch next to my wife in the same room as our crackledy mattress and sketch some more for the untitled project, and then maybe clean up the rest of this here site; specifically, the archive section currently blows up all to hell. I’m also fighting the urge to redesign the entire damned thing. When I first started, blue was liberating and different from my old site, but now I’m over it, I think.

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