After some SQL database wrassling, an initial install, unexplained 505 errors and subsequent re-install, I got Movable Type running on the new domain last night. All my templates are moved over, I’ve got the sideblog running (courtesy of MultiBlog by David Rayners), and it looks like the minor bugs are worked out. I still have to design and build the category and archive sections, hook up my empty Flickr account, and do some minor tweaking around the edges, but it’s looking good.

The next step after all that is to update the old logsite and add links from here to there, and add MT-Blacklist so that I don’t get comment spammed.

Overall, the install went easily and well. My only complaint was with my hosting provider’s SQL setup and the MT install directions, which didn’t really go into detail about exactly how to point to the database. I wasn’t even sure I’d created one until I manually re-installed the executable files this morning.

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2 Responses to The Idiot King is online.

  1. bill says:

    Testing out the comments section.

  2. xlt says:

    Welcome, your Royal Billness.