The list of things I’d like to have, but have been putting off buying for an indeterminate amount of time:

A new pair of sunglasses. My old pair, which made it through about three years of heavy usage, finally bid farewell in the airport van on our way to the hotel in Rome. Arrivederci, il mio amore!

A new cellphone. You’ve heard me complain about this before, and I think this will be the first thing to get updated. Most likely this weekend…

A usable car radio. The unit in the Jeep has been doing well in the cold weather, but now that it’s getting warmer, the important part of the NPR report I’m listening to fades into staticky oblivion. Crutchfield actually has a Blaupunkt CD deck with a removable face for something like $$130 right now.

A good high-capacity clothes dryer. Our little General Electric dates back to President Ford and uses more electricity than a Vegas storefront.

A new router for the house. The current model seems to be dropping in and out randomly; I’m still not sure if it’s the router or the DSL modem, however.

However, I did finally pony up $40 to buy a replacement power supply for my Powerbook after the old one bit the dust. If I can’t have a new laptop, I’ll make do with Ol’ Reliable, here. And while I’m at it:

NuPower G4 upgrade I’d love to be able to speed her up, and for $280, that ain’t a bad deal.

In other news, the bed was delivered this afternoon, which means we have a few nights of testing ahead of us. Cross your fingers, people.

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