I can tell spring is coming because my sleep rhythms are speeding up again. Two months ago I was glued to the bed at 9:15, finding it impossible to make 10 hours of sleep last the whole day, but now I’m slipping back into the 7-hour cycle again. I think that this could also be due to the fact that our house has been unbearably drafty this winter. Even after refurbishing half the storm windows last summer, our house is a sieve. Part of the problem is that two of the radiators that should be in the main ground floor rooms are out heating the front porch, which we don’t use in the winter, so we sit on our couch (in front of the fireplace we can’t use because it could kill us) and shiver under blankets. This morning I woke up at 7:30 and it actually felt alright for the first time.

This Slate article is good reading. I’d like for it to be known that if I’m in a persistent vegetative state, that my wife has the full right to pull the tube and let me go naturally. Isn’t the Republican party the party that used to stand for smaller government and State’s rights? I was glad to hear the federal judge’s ruling this morning. And I’m going to quit putting off having a living will drawn up.

In geek news, it looks like our third Powerbook power adapter is toasted; This forum claims it’s ultrasound-welded, meaning I couldn’t get it apart to fix it and then put it back together if I tried. To the Internet!

And in house news, we got a baseline quote on a new kitchen install from a friend this morning. While it’s cheaper than the MSRP, I’m still a little in shock and wondering where we’re going to get the money to do all the things we really need to have done before babies arrive.

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