Two freelance checks in two days. The VISA bill will be paid off and we have seed money for one of two major house issues: a new big-people-bed or 2/3 of the first floor sanded. Jen and I are going to sit down and decide what needs to happen first.

Does anybody have first-hand experience with a Sleep Number bed? We’d like to hear some anecdotal evidence to justify $1,500 for a mattress.

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  1. plaincake says:

    Don’t know about sleep number but I have heard very positive things about the tempupedic space age foam mattresses… You know, the one with the commercial where the chick in the negligee jumps on the bed and the wine doesn’t spill. My parent’s best friends have one and loooove it- and these people are finicky and exacting.

  2. idiot says:

    Yeah, We’ve been afraid of that foam stuff because foam breaks down over time. If they had a 30-day money back guarantee (which I think they do) I’d be willing to try it. I just don’t want to have to lift it up the stairs.