Mrs. Lockard is in a slow spiral downward. She’s up to about 2 hours between meds, which is a frightening pace, and she’s unable to use a straw. They are forced to squirt the medication into her mouth with a syringe. Then, sometimes, she spits it back out. Jen’s not sleeping well, hasn’t left the house in a week, and dangerously close to murdering a few family members. (Mercy killings, in my opinion.)

I’m going to head down there tomorrow afternoon, and do some shopping to stock the house with some food. Then I’m going to rent a room at the local Holiday Inn and check my wife in for a 12-hour nap.

Lest you think I’ve been spending all my time surfing the internet this week, here’s a pair of screen captures of this week’s work:

Tank 1 (the low-poly version for the game)

Tank 2 (which actually has treads.)

The treads I’ll paint next week.

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