I wish I could claim that I spent my vacation day away from the computer, but I didn’t. Between a new freelance project and the house, I spent much of my day running from the basement, where I built a custom ripping jig for the table saw, to the office, where I was building a presentation for the client. Both projects were fruitful, though—the medicine cabinet door is now officially hung, and the client gets version 1.0 of the presentation at lunchtime for review. I also took time to finish cleaning up the paint job in the guest room and continued cleaning the paste off the walls in the hallway. Jen and I are enjoying the “Tuscan” effect of the stripped plaster out there—it’s oddly satisfying in a postmodern design sort of way.

Penn, Day Two. The Prozac seems to have calmed the guy down somewhat. He’s a lot mellower, and only talking when he’s really hungry.

Change Of Heart. For the past four or five weeks, while I’ve been building 3-D models, I’m very happy here at work. Which is a very, very satisfying feeling.

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