I’m not sure who “won” the VP debate last night. It’s pretty obvious who actually runs the country, and that Dr. Evil Cheney is an extremely intelligent man. I thought Edwards came off a little too cloying and anxious, while the VP was more reserved, informed, and deadly with his attacks—he got in a few very quiet, very deadly jabs, where Edwards swung more wildly and with less skill. I have to say, I’d be afraid to go up against the VP in a debate, especially since his dark minions sent him in with at least two pages of very damaging accusations and falsehoods against Edwards which he used with great skill. He’s a mean SOB. One thing’s for sure— it’s going to put the next Presidential debate in stark contrast, especially if Kerry gets Shrub on the ropes like he did last week. (There was one minor blunder the VP made, which is hilarious…)

Repairs. For the low, low price of $20, I picked up the parts I need to do surgery on my Airport Base Station last night. (Disclosure: I had to spend $10 for a new soldering iron.) This week is way too busy, but next week I’m going to crack the case and see if I can’t revive the dead. BTW, my experiences setting up a client’s Airport Express were nothing but excellent. Without configuring buttons, setting jumpers, or invoking the Seven Holy Names Of Satan, I was able to get their wireless network set up, sharing a USB printer, and locked down to intruders in about five minutes. No kidding.

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