Belgian Dark Chocolate. Type junkies, peep this site: Mark Simonson and his font studio MS Studio. Lots of good information on typography, examples, and fonts for buying.

This morning I got an email from a student at SCAD about using some of the photos I posted of the signs in Perry, OK for a class project, which means I’ve got to go into the archives and find the negatives so that I can re-scan them at a higher resolution. (what this really means is that sometime tonight I have to dig through six or seven Tupperware containers, my “file cabinet”, and several boxes of unlabeled stuff, then go through about eighty sleeves of unmarked negatives to find them.) It’ll be worth the effort—hopefully he’ll be able to use what I have, and I’m curious to see the results.

Vanilla. Jen and I watched the debate last night, curious to see the outcome. In my opinion, Kerry clearly came out on top. Every time he hit Bush with a good point (Healthcare, the deficit, religion, the draft, Homeland security), Bush went back to “education.” At one point, when asked about creating new jobs, Bush went off about community college and No Child Left Behind, dodging the question entirely. While I wanted Kerry to simply ask him how going to college and incurring even more personal debt is going to help people get jobs today, it clearly showed how out of his depth the President is, and how he has absolutely no plan for the U.S. economy besides going to war. It also was good to hear Kerry appeal to women voters directly and state his opinion on Roe V. Wade clearly. I also felt that Bush did a hamhanded job of attempting to tag Kerry as a Liberal, and I hope that some of the swing voters saw through that. While the claims thrown around by both men were misleading, I got a much better read off Kerry than Bush.

Rocky Road. After taking the cover off the Base Station, I have an hour of connectivity before it goes feet-up. The capacitors are hot to the touch and the WaveLAN card is cooking hot. I’d have to hack some kind of heatsink or fan onto the thing to get it to stay cool—something I might do later on but don’t have the time for right now.

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