Today I hijacked Nate and drove down to Timonium to look at a 19″ LCD monitor being sold off Craigslist. I should back up and describe our current office setup: We have a four-year-old G4 Mac tower and a 9-year-old Apple 17″ display as our main design system at the house. The monitor is so old that fuses blow when I power it up. It’s bigger than the Jeep and its highest resolution is 1024×768—big stuff for 1995 but unacceptable for today’s work. Plus, the refresh rate is about 4mhz, so it sends Jen into fits of seizure when she has to look at it for more than five minutes. I know I’ve been bellyaching for months about money, but this seemed like a no-brainer for $450. I have it plugged in to the Powerbook, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Everybody welcome Stellan Heazlett online when you get a chance.

Eulogy. I drove out north yesterday to pick up Jen at Henry’s funeral yesterday, and was able to pay my graveside respects. He was, we agreed, a ‘peculiar’ fellow (I won’t go into the hotpants thing right now) but someone with a huge heart. During his eulogy, the rabbi mentioned that when Henry knew you had a problem, he offered his help without fail, and I’d have to agree with that. While talking about it last night, Jen and I realized that it’s been over a year since we saw him last: moving Jen out of her apartment, we had no way to get two old easy chairs and a couch to the dump. Henry drove up in his pickup and within five minutes had helped us wrestle two of the chairs on his truck, and by the next day had made all three disappear. Shalom, and thanks for the vanishing of the furniture, Hotpants Henry.

Clearing Out the Link Cache. Canon PowerShot strobe information. E-TTL info, or: does my frickin’ flash work? | Digital camera primer. SLR vs. point and shoot. | Replacement APC battery. My APC is dead as a doornail. | IHC lineset ticket codes. Deciphering my Scout’s lineset ticket, made easy. | Single-axle and enclosed trailers. Unfortunately, they are very expensive. | Card sorting for application/site design. Handy, but impractical for my 9-5 gig. | Upgrading an eMac. I have a freelance tech job this weekend. | Cheap iPod replacement battery. Jen’s iPod is still busted. | Finally, an interesting book on productivity, as well as a productivity application. I need all the help I can get.

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