dry cleaners, catonsville, 7.28.04 (soon to be demolished)

Things with Jen’s Mom don’t look good. Given that she’s battled back against cancer for 10 years, we’ll wait to see what actually happens, but I’ve been told by all parties this is the worst it’s ever been. Then again, getting a straight answer out of any Lockard besides the one I married is sort of like trying to find water in the desert, so who knows what’s happening.

The List. (The wednesday edition.)

  1. A New Mattress. (Our current big-people mattress ties Jen’s back into knots. Somewhere around a grand, most likely.)
  2. A dishwasher. (Because it’s 2004, and contemplating a lifetime of dirty dishes requires gallons of vodka. $300, plus kitchen-wrangling)
  3. A dehumidifier. (Our basement is possibly the second largest swamp on the east coast besides Florida. $130, give or take.)
  4. Air Conditioning. (Summer in Maryland is ok. Until August, when it becomes the Ninth Circle Of Hell. $3,000+, depending on the size of the unit.)
  5. Floor refinishing in the living room. (It would be great to have this done before next summer.)
  6. Fixing Jen’s iPod. (Somewhere around $70, I think.)

As with everything else, this list is in a state of constant flux. I’ll just keep adding to and amending it as life keeps throwing curveballs at us.

No word on Jen’s Mom yet, but our friends Nate and Kristen are at the hospital right now, hopefully having success with the birth of their first child. So send some love out their way as well.

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