The iTunes problem I talked about yesterday, which has been giving me fits, is still a problem. The script I ran to fix the problem only works on about 30% of the missing tracks, so it’s back to manually updating each file, which is a load of fun.

Song Of The Day: Manic Depression, Stevie Ray Vaughn. A fellow coworker hooked me up with a pile of good live SRV, which is sort of like trying a little crystal meth: you’re immediately hooked. Absolutely good stuff.

Last night Jen and I walked down the street to Matthew’s 1600, the recently refurbished restaurant within spitting distance from the house, for a drink and some dinner. While the work they did on the place is high-quality, the atmosphere is distinctly Airport Hotel. There’s a lack of any sort of personality to the place, and the way the layout of the bar side is arranged, it’s too wide-open for any kind of cozy gathering. We had a drink at the bar (Bass on tap, thank God) and then settled into a booth for some dinner. The menu is pretty uninspired, and while I was in the mood for comfort food, I’d expect a plate of meatloaf to have some more spice to it, or at least some kind of zing in the mashed potatoes. Jen’s steak and crabcake was much better—the beef was tender and flavorful, and the crab was real. Overall it wasn’t too bad- the service was first-class and very attentive, but the food needs more help. (The proximity of the bar to our front door is going to be very dangerous, however.)

It’s Worse Than That. He’s Dead, Jim.I brought our Airport Base Station in to work this morning to test it out in a different environment. Yesterday it began to drop out on us, and this morning it was giving us intermittent connectivity. Hopefully I won’t have to replace it, but I’m not confident that it can be revived. (Sound of more money flying out the window) Helpful links: Reset a Graphite Base Station | Graphite LED Behavior | General troubleshooting. (Update: Looks like it’s D.O.A. I reset the Base Station, uploaded the new software, and restarted it. It lights, but it doesn’t send any signal. *sigh*)

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