Jen got back from the hospital late last night, after spending most of the day with her mother. Mrs. Lockard is in a holding pattern right now, alternately being fed intravenously and pumped full of antibiotics to stave off the infection in her intestines. She’s horribly photosensitive right now, which means all the lights in her room are off and visitors sit in the dark, and she’s in and out of lucidity from the pain medication—which means she’s often hallucinating or talking nonsense. I fixed my wife a big tall drink and she decompressed over a bowl of fresh guacamole, which seemed to make her belly happy and put her mind at ease. We both hit the rack at midnight and slept through the first two hours of the alarm clock this morning.

Review, Part Deux. I’m into chapter two of the CSS book, and I’m finding it slower going. My previous comment on having a strong CSS background holds twice as firm now—there’s a lot of good information here, but you’d better know your stuff before you sit down. There’s a lot of stuff I was aware of but had not used yet, such as descendant selectors, which is going to take time to learn. I’m thinking that a companion book is in order for more of the basic-level stuff.

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