In preparation for a CSS overhaul of this humble site, I waded through the HTML code and removed about 5kb of gunk from the style sheets, script includes, and other areas. Consolidating the style sheets has changed around the look a little bit, but overall it’s not much different. I’m heading to the B&N tonight to peek at a couple of books before I buy anything. I also updated the music links on the right with some new tasty stuff. I’ve been playing two tracks over and over: Xtal, by Aphex Twin, and Man Research by Spacemonkeyz vs. Gorillaz.

Baby News. Nate and Kristen had a 6 lb. 4oz. baby boy (name yet to be determined) yesterday at 2:45pm. Mother, baby, and stressed dad are doing well, from what we hear.

Thursday Fun Links. Fish! | Origins of the IMDB. Disclosure: I spend at least 5 minutes each day on that site. Genius! (via )

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