I took Jen out to dinner on Wednesday not only because we had nothing to eat in the house, but because we needed to debrief over alcoholic beverages after a week of absurdity featuring various family members. Last night the hilarity continued, to the point where my blood pressure rose above stroke level. Suffice it to say that some people need to work on their own responsibility, accountability, and consistency issues before they start lecturing other people. Got that, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

Airport Update. Because I like to tinker with stuff and take it apart, I cracked the case on my Base Station this morning to troubleshoot the problem. Apparently there are three main causes for failure: blown capacitors in the power supply (by most accounts the most prevalent), corrupted firmware, or a bad WaveLan Card. (Essentially the Base Station is a tiny computer motherboard with a PCMCIA wireless card soldered on.) From what the troubleshooting information says, I don’t have blown capacitors, and the reset should have taken care of bad firmware, so my thinking is that it’s the card. I’m going to ask a coworker with a laptop to help me run a diagnostic on the card (Lucent never made a diagnostic for OSX and their support is spotty) this afternoon, and we’ll see if we can figure out what the story is.

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