Busy day yesterday; hence the quiet around here. I came into a collection of about 10 gigs of music yesterday, none of it catalogued or tagged, so I’m running it all through a program to re-encode the ID3v2 metadata. which is tedious and annoying. Lots of little time-consuming jobs here at work, plus lots of stuff to do when we’re home. Jen’s Mom is holding steady in a state of suck right now, and her brother is flying in from Savannah to see her tonight. Jen’s with her today, he’ll have tomorrow, and I’m picking up the following day to spell everybody.

Meanwhile there’s lots of news in the world that I’ve peripherally noticed—the EFF won the Grokster case, which is good news; there’s an excellent article in the New Yorker on Bjorkaccompanying photos (via ), as well as a story about a NYC cheese seller that’s not online; We’re currently reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for a book club, and I happened upon this link to original pictures from Pirsig’s trip. Meanwhile, the Usual bullshit still applies..

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