I took the Base Station back apart yesterday when I had a minute to spare, and got it down to its base guts: screws, motherboard, WaveLan card, wiring, case. I put it all back together and plugged it in for one final try, and seemed to work fine. Later, when I got it home and ran it for more than a half hour, it died, leading me to believe that the capacitors are, in fact, toast. (I was attempting to prove the Second Dugan Law Of Fixing Stuff, which goes like this: If you can take it apart and put it back together, there’s about a 60% chance it’ll work again, because something came loose. This is highly unscientific, of course.) I’m going to order the capacitor fix kit online and attempt to get it running again.

Phase Two. This afternoon I’m going to begin the next part of the housepainting project, which involves lots of ladderwork, removal of storm windows, hours of fun with window glazing, cursing, beer, primer and paint, more beer, and replacement of the storm windows. Today I’m going to pull as many of the storms off the front of the house as possible, mark them, and get ready for Saturday. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this job (this involves something like 25 full-size windows, not counting the atrium) but I’ll be very happy when it’s done.

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