Big shout-outs again to Dave, who helped Jen and I clean out the garage, driveway and basement of all the junk we’ve accumulated in the last three months, and haul it away in Clifford. She and I then planted a bunch of pretty flowers in the side bed by the driveway, which makes that side of the house look much better.

I haven’t run the Scout in about four months, because I’ve not had the time or the heart to look at her sitting idle in the driveway. Needing to get the area cleared out, I shot a few squirts of starter fluid into the carb and she fired right up—choppy at first, and loud, but smoothing out after a minute. She shifted into first gear easily, and I pulled her out onto the street to a parking spot. As I came to a stop, I felt how familiar the leather of the steering wheel felt in my hands. I wanted to keep going…to peel the top off, get her out onto the open road, open it up to 60 and enjoy the sunshine with Jen.

God, I miss my truck.

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