That’s the first time in a long time that I’ve gone the whole weekend without posting at least something, which should tell you just how busy we were. Friday afternoon we got our taxes done, and while the news was good (I’m getting some serious Federal back while Jen is only paying out a little) it’s still not gonna get us all the way to Venice. From there we met up with some of her now ex-work peeps and got some food at what could loosely be described as a Mexican restaurant—the menu said it was Mexican, and they served margaritas with it, but I’ve had better enchiladas during the stoner shift at the local Taco Bell. (Really, thank you, Casey, we had a great time.)

Saturday we hit the ground running, getting two of the four bedrooms closer to finished. The office is now painted with one coat of Restoration Hardware’s Silver Birch and the trimwork is all replaced, caulked and primed; Jen put a second coat of blue on the wall in the front bedroom and we got two coats of gloss white on the trim. It’s beginning to shape up in there.

Saturday night we met up with the Patron Saint of Bridal Sanity and the Vodka Fairy, who were kind enough to give us a bottle of Hangar 1 to quiet the voices in our heads. From their house we went to the Chameleon Café for a delicious bacon-themed meal and creme bruleé, which was divine.

Sunday morning we hit 9 o’clock mass to sample the guitarist who may be playing at our wedding…let’s just say the drumkit and bass guitar will not be getting a solo at our ceremony. We picked up our rings, which turned out beautifully, and scouted Jen’s interview for Wednesday before returning home for more housework.

Heh. Looks like Jen’s site has been blocked by our governmental friends at Lockheed Martin today; here’s their rationale:

Due to SSA policy limiting personal use of government office equipment including information technology, access to the web site you requested is restricted. Examples of sites considered inappropriate are:

– Hate sites which contain material that ridicule on basis of race, color, sex, national orientation, or sexual orientation.

– Sex sites of an adult oriented or pornographic nature

– Nudity

– Criminal behavior

– Gambling

Let’s see. Check. Check…check…check! Yep, she covered them all! </sarcasm filter> What the hell?

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