By trade, I’m supposed to be a freelance illustrator, which means people are supposed to call me up and ask me to draw them pictures for stuff. Normally, I’d love to do this all day—sitting around and drawing pictures is something I enjoy immensely. Because that’s not really turning out to be the cash magnet I’d hoped, I got into web design, which turned out to be a much better way to pay the mortgage on time. Unfortunately though, the last time I redesigned my personal site was sometime in 2002, according to my archived files. With a little downtime at work, I’ve been taking the time to rethink my site and start overhauling the content, which has been no small feat.

Today I’ve been listening to Radiohead on repeat for the last couple of hours and have kind of gotten my groove on—the new design idea I had from a week ago is fleshing itself out pretty well into a full-featured site. More to follow in the next few days.

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