So I don’t have enough space on the Powerbook for all the songs I’ve got ripped to MP3. I have the iMac, but it doesn’t have a FireWire port. So Jason suggested that I wipe my iTunes preferences, mount the iMac drive as a volume, and then point iTunes to it as the music library folder. All fine and good…except that the Ratings do not transfer from the remote volume to the Powerbook—which negates the full power of Smart Playlists. So I can go through all 6210+ songs and re-rate each individual one again…or find another way of doing this.

Music of the Day: Red Snapper, Making Bones. Good electronic/live instrumental mixture with some soaring vocals over top, just what I like. Imagine the rythym section of Soul Coughing fronted by N’dea Davenport and somebody throwing keyboards in behind. I have to say, if I was to start a band, I’d hire a drummer and play nothing but upright funk bass.

Random Thoughts. It’s about 30 degrees in Baltimore today, and I can feel it in the finger I broke five years ago (playing football drunk with a friend in Nag’s Head, I caught a pass straight-on with my left ring finger, fracturing both sockets in the middle bone. I did finish the game, though.) Jen is picking up the final groceries for this weekend; my folks are getting into town after noon on Thursday, and we have another pile of food on order from Andy Nelson’s.

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