that's just super, 11.20.03

Let’s all hear it for Mr. Active Roof Leak, everyone! Thanks.

Album of the Day. The Roots‘ Phrenology. Lots of juicy good tracks on here. I’m not a huge hip-hop or rap fan, although my tastes do run to the DJ genre (see Shadow, RJD2, Cut Chemist, et. al.), but I enjoy the Roots’ sound. In the year 2003 these guys still care about the production and the words; I think the fact that the band acually plays each track is central to the quality of the music.

This morning I posted a bunch of pictures of the rooms that have been stained; in no particular order, here are the pink room, ocean room, and the office. Additionally, I stained the floor in the cream room this morning before leaving for work, because we have a forecast of 60+ degree weather through Monday. Pictures of that room to come tomorrow.

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