sage and his mama (this looks light on a Mac, I swear), 11.14.03

sage and his mama (this looks light on a Mac, I swear), 11.14.03

Because I was paid on time, I think I may treat myself to that $22 FireWire card down at the CompUSA tonight on my way home from work. I used two nifty features of my iPod last night—the sleep timer and the alarm clock—to put myself to sleep with some Thievery Corporation and wake myself up, respectively. It would be grand to get the bulk of my music on this little gizmo. Thanks go to Jen for the bounty of bulk consumer products she stocked us with at the Sam’s this weekend; besides a pallet of toilet paper, we found her a very inexpensive, but stylish cashmere winter coat. Hotcha hotcha! And thanks also to Nate for the bevy of good new music.

I’m Feeling Much Better Now, Thanks. I woke up at seven this morning (OK, 7:15) and made Jen some breakfast; after she left I put on my kneepads and started staining the floors. By 9:15 I had three rooms done and sealed the upstairs in plastic like a hermetic bubble. I made it into work and told Todd that when I pass out and begin twitching under my desk to inform the paramedics that I’ve been huffing glue all morning.

I’m getting some pretty good visuals here.

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