I went out last night and bought a bunch of crap for the house, the largest of which was a Craftsman 4.5HP 21″ lawnmower on sale for $159.99. I walked through the local Sears, which has the eerie ambiance of a sinking ocean liner, until I found the garden center, and bought the last boxed model for sale. Loading it into the truck, I then drove to the Home Depot to compare pricing on some other items (a mixed bag, or at least dead even) when I found a comparable brand-name mower with a better engine for $149.99. D’oh! Luckily it’s still in the box and in my garage (hee hee! I love saying that: my garage) so I can return it tomorrow. Lucky also, that it’s raining right now and will continue until sometime next week, so I don’t have to face my lawn just yet.

No luck with the phone situation; I’m going to continue to troubleshoot the wiring and attempt to get more than one line working in the house. I did buy a geektastic headlamp so that I can see what I’m working on when the lights are off.

Up for bids this weekend: most likely, a steamer rental for the horrendous wallpaper through the bedrooms in the house. We have four:

  1. The G-Spot, so named because of its bright pink wall paint and matching carpet (as well as the large bulge next to the door where the plaster has separated from the lathe). This room needs new paint and some window work.
  2. The Sticky Room, where the vinyl wallpaper has collected nicotine from the previous tenant and gathered dust. This room also features beautiful green all-weather carpeting. I need to remove the old AC unit, patch the walls, pull the carpet, and paint the radiator.
  3. The Library, featuring shelving from the Doctor’s home office, a beautiful oak desk, and a woven oval rug. Probably the best one out of all of them. This room needs minimal patching, but a righteous floor-sanding.
  4. Finally, the Anxious Room, where the good Doctor made his bed. This room stars an anxious-making red floral wallpaper, which covers the walls, closet, and atrium. It’s paper, probably dates back to the 40’s, and covers the water damage from the roof leak (now fixed). I’m afraid to see what’s behind there. Besides the bulge in the G-spot, this room will need the most patching work, because the west wall has pulled away from the north wall in the corner, and the floor is in bad shape.

I also made arrangements today to pay off the increasing credit card debt that I was hemorrhaging; with one online payment I should be free and clear of a $75/mo. minimum payment and something like a $65 finance charge. That will go a long way to making the monthly bills less of a train wreck.

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