Whew. Busy weekend. Saturday saw us visiting the estimable Petit Louis with Todd, Heather, Nate and Kristen for a French repast of mouthwatering proportions. Duck Leg Confit is the super-shiznit, according to half the table. Jen took a well-deserved and brief detour from the diet she’s on (and she looks fine, let me tell you) to indulge in the pot de créme for dessert—and who wouldn’t? Afterwards we visited the Spur Design gallery for a show of Luba Lukova‘s poster work, and said hello to a bunch of folks we knew there.

Sunday was spent working out back, where the dry sink finally made it on to the wall, the final sections of the deck were cut and placed, and the interior stairs were stained. Later, we took a walk through Patterson Park and enjoyed the afternoon sun as well as the newly opened boat lake. It’s good to see the city investing some money in its recreational areas.

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