keyboard, 3.25

keyboard, 3.25

This camera is the shiznit. I bought a camera bag for it last night, but will most likely have to hunt for a bigger one, as the camera and all its fittings don’t quite fit in this one.

Jen and I are entering a pair of logos in the DC Art Director’s Club competition; I think we have a very good chance of winning something. We’re still waiting with bated breath to see what the Oakleaf work looks like (when we get the whole package, I’ll post it for you to see) but the logo itself is ready to be judged.

I think I may take an hour or two tonight and redesign the Scout page, as it still accounts for 30-40% of the visitors to this site. (yeah, how’s that for irony? You love my truck more than my boring ramblings or crappy drawings. Where’s the love, man? Where’s the love?!?)

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