I’m sitting in a coffee shop up in Guilford reading an announcement about a free wireless network inside the store. It gives me the net id but tells me to call a number to set everything up…unfortunately my cellphone doesn’t have coverage in here. Grrr.

All attempts to get Win98/WinNT to see or use the Laserwriter have failed; I think the final solution is simply to buy a centronics to parallel connector, hook it directly into the SMC hub and use the built-in printer server.

I bit the bullet and ordered a FireWire CDR/W from SmartDisk yesterday; it’s an 8/8/24, but it’s bus-powered and has a much greater transfer rate than USB. This will be the final step in my upgrade of the home network system, and allow me to once again back up native Mac files to a Mac disk, clear a ton of crap off the NT server, and generally clean things up. And, it was $99.

Here’s a real nice website with a bunch of good info: WebmasterBase.com.

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