It is so unbearably hot here in Baltimore, I want to kill myself. Tonight the heatwave will break, but I’m wondering why we ever left NY state and that beautiful, warm, clear lake. In the backyard, I got the support columns bought (decided not to deal with my other neighbor) and the anchors drilled, as well as the notches in the concrete caps cut, so all we have to do is cut some notches in the bottoms of the columns and install. Then we level each of them out and put the top plate on.

I had a very interesting chat this weekend about a possible part-time teaching position; even if it doesn’t happen, it was still a great meeting and could lead to exciting possibilities down the road. Plus, there’s a bunch of freelance work coming down the road in the next couple of weeks, and that should keep the money flowing into my bank accound and not out.

Todd said he saw Esther on the way to work this morning, so I know she isn’t a mirage.

I started doing a little research into some of the cameras I bought on my vacation; some of the super-8’s are pretty rare, and some of the Kodak Brownies I bought are common but beautiful examples of industrial design. I also have a really nice Agfa and a few lesser-known brands which all seem to take 620 or 120 variant film. Now to find a few 620 spools and order some film! I’m dying to try some of these cameras…! Luckily there’s a company in town that develops 120 film…

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