Still stumbling through a fog of down-ness. I’m not able to pick myself out of this gutter, and it’s really spiralling downward quickly. Attempts to get moving again are working in fits and starts, but it’s an up-and-down battle right now.

I quoted a price on a huge illustration job yesterday that came in out of the blue, and that made me feel good for a few days; I’m pretty sure I came in under the wire on my pricing, although my timeframe might have given him pause to think. I’m going to follow up with a call today to see what he says, and hopefully he’ll have some feedback for me either way.

I also used the Buy it Now feature on ebay to buy a Kodak DC-3400 digital camera yesterday, and I’m sending a check to the dude in California today to take delivery. Between the possibility of this freelance job, the months and months of pining after one, and the need to document the backyard progress, I decided that $150 was a good frickin’ deal on a 2-megapixel camera with an 8-MB card plus the card reader. Plus, I think that Jen’s need to get back into some photography could also be served by having an inexpensive digital camera. So that is a possible good thing.

I also installed Jen’s new laptop at her house the other day; I bought another Pismo from Nick with a bunch of goodies, so we have two 400mhz Pismos, one with 320MB/6 gig (Jen) and one with 576/12 gig/FireWire (Bill). Both have DVD-ROM drives and both are in fantastic shape. She has all our software, my 10-year collection of fonts, and the spare internal Zip drive to work on. Plus we now have four batteries and three power cords between us. I’m excited about the prospects for our future in freelance.

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