For reasons somebody at Marlin Perkins’ Wild Kingdom would be happy to explain to me, my body has gone into a hibernation cycle approximating that of a large North American Brown Bear. I find it extremely difficult to get out of the bed when the alarm rings, even when there is a Staind song playing for the one millionth time on my clock radio, the cats are doing a flamenco high-step on my chest attempting to wake me up, and the sun is shining brightly on my face.

Last night I moved the DSL router and mounted it to the board below the wiring panel downstairs; for the time being I put the Barricade on top of two stacked speakers and hooked all the wiring up; then I found out that wiring the jacks to the ‘A’ code was not working, so I switched them all to the ‘B’ standard and got link lights and connectivity throughout the house. I need to figure out how to mount the Barricade to the wall in a somewhat appealing manner, then tighten up the cabling. Then I re-route the coax feed from the satellite dish and clean it up, and I can close the whole panel.

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