This morning, buried down by the bottom of the ‘entertainment’ section of, I found an obit for Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Merry Prankster extraordinaire. I spent a long semester reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe and became a Kesey fan pretty quickly; taking a Beat class by the late Joe Cardarelli at MICA drew me into the world of Kerouac, and I loved the idea of Neal Cassady driving the bus all over the country while Kesey and the other Pranksters howled and tripped in back. Kesey withdrew from public view in the late 60’s and quietly farmed in Oregon with his family; only in the early 90’s he came back out and began teaching and publishing again. He was 66, and passed away after battling cancer. God bless, man.

I went out and bought the wire rack from Sam’s Club last night; installed in the basement, it just clears the tops of the joists and holds nine of the green Tupperware storage tubs, which is perfect. There’s room on the top shelf for another set of items; currently I have all the old CPU’s up there but I’ll replace them with other stuff when they get put in the closet. I was able to remove everything except the cooler and radio boxes from the dining room last night- what a relief. Tonight I’ll organize some more and hopefully be able to get the rest of them downstairs so I can begin cleaning the dining room and perhaps *gasp* paint…!

The Epson printer is dead, at least through the AppleTalk port. I’m taking it home tonight and hooking it up to the NT box through the serial cable, and we’ll see if there’s any luck there.

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