At work this morning and pretty tired from last night- Jen and I slept pretty poorly because the cats were so lonely. They spent most of the night walking on our heads, fighting on the floor, and knocking stuff over. Jen kept waking up and getting sick from the sleeping pill she took- she had no time to sleep it off. Then we were awakened by the guys working in the alley at 7:30 this morning. One good thing is that they are up to my backyard this morning, working on the wall in between Dick & Thelma’s and my own. I figure they’ll be done by the time I get home tonight.

Today I’m listening to Cure For Pain. I miss Morphine. I wish Mark Sandman was still around. Here is your homework, for anybody who might be out there: Go home, go directly to your CD player and pull out that new Blink 182 CD you’ve been sneaking when everybody else isn’t home; go dust off Cure for Pain, drop it in on shuffle, pour a tall glass of red wine, and chill out.

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