I was up last night writing, so I’m kind of tired today. Jen says she’s exhausted from her job as well, and it sounds like she’s having fun, too. Let’s see- I loaded up the MacPPP software on the SE/30 at home; I think the only thing I need to pick up now is a network card from someplace like MacResQ or Shreve.

Here it is, straight from Appalachia to us: The Dancing Outlaw. Lorie and Ty showed Jen and I this video when we were in Houston, and it’s sort of stuck with us since then. Here is Jesco in all his dancin’ glory. I think the blowup of this picture is poetic in an unintended, purely coincidental way, which transcends the filth of the surroundings; it has a certain beauty in its bleakness.

“If you wanna get to Heaven, you gotta raise a little Hell.”

Curiously, the Blockbuster page linked above lists these two titles as “related movies”: Cane Toads: An Unnatural History, and Kudzu [no description available].

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