Well, my skin is tingling and hot from being out in the sun for most of the morning. Brad P. and I went out on the bay to fish this morning; the early rising was offset by the absolutely beautiful day outside- there was, for most of the afternoon, not a cloud in the sky. We didn’t catch anything out there today, though, after trolling, going for some bottom-feeders, and trolling again. We called it quits at about 3 or so, after watching the Blue Angels fly over Annapolis.

Brad gave me some interesting leads, but it’s looking grim. Everything I hear is pretty bleak, so I might just have to wait this thing out and scam for freelance where I can. I talked with Melissa’s husband Bob, and apparently they’re in deep shit too. He’s considering selling stuff on the side as an addition to the business.

I think my best bet are two different things: To continue learning Perl, and get better at it QUICK, and to revive the illustration side of things and start getting some work on the side. I’m sort of at a loggerheads as to how to start that. One thought is to spend $1,500 for a full-page Illustration Arts ad, or to spend $500 on a direct-mailer. Problem is, I have no more mailing list- the one I have is at least 6 years old. It’s no good to me anymore.

I got word from Andy about the laptop yesterday- I think he may have forgotten, but he asked me to get back to him next week. I will do that on Wednesday. In the interim, Renie has offered me her G3 for now; that is fantastic and may merit a drive north as soon as next week.

OK, yeah, I’m looking at a bunch of local sites, and a lot of the peeps want Flash. I need to spruce up my site and get some simple good Flash up there ASAP.

11:30pm I love Cream of Wheat. My dad used to make it like a volcano; there would be a big pile of it in the bowl, surrounded by milk, sprinkled with sugar, and there would be a big dollop of butter in the center of the volcano. I can’t make it as good as he did yet, but I’m working on it.

Oh, and I also have a good old-fashioned sunburn on my neck and face.

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