Ahhhhhhhh. A well-rested, sunny Monday morning, about 70 degrees; work looks bright, although I’m doing text revision and editing for a government site today- search-and-replace for illegal characters like ä and ñ – hardly exciting stuff.

Jen and I got a lot of stuff done this weekend; We took what is probably the best ride in the Scout to date up to Lowe’s and Sears to pick up supplies for the basement; besides grinning so hard our heads almost fell off, we were able to get a $150 Wagner power painter on sale at Sears for $90; we also picked up the supplies listed on the 4th, plus a whisky barrel and dirt, and replanted the spruce from Christmas out in front of the house; Jen was also kind enough to plant my geraniums in the pots front and back. We got the back half of the basement taped off Saturday night, which is a big push forward- I have one more night of sanding the ceiling to go, I think.

Sunday was a lot more sobering; we spent a good deal of the morning distant from each other, but in the afternoon we were able to really connect back up at her house and start making things right between us. She is great enough to sit with me in the ER waiting room of the Columbia hospital for three hours to try to have my eye looked at- I had some crap stuck in it from the basement for two days and it was beginning to drive me nuts. We watched people come and go, and never got called into the queue- there were other people with more pressing problems than me. Most disturbing was a man leading his wife into a chair with a bandage over her eye; from the looks of them and the way they were sitting, I’d guess it was not an uncommon thing, and they were earning some frequent-abuser miles.

I was able to get her 8100 up and running in the blue room, get her AOL connection up and running after fixing the phone jack, and have the machine see the printer successfully. We need to pick her up a few things still; she needs a better table and a decent chair.

This information on the Binder Bulletin site today:

72-73 Grill, 72-80 fenders, quarters, trim moulding, roll bar, lights, end caps
Steering columns, very good shape rallie wheels and more
Please call dwayne at 410-465-XXXX

he’s in Maryland and he’s getting a call tonight…

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