I e-mailed some old contacts this morning- A friend who runs a firm down in the harbor; a guy who did server planning and admin at Cidera, and a rep for the ad firm Cidera used to use. We’ll see what shakes out of the tree. I can only hope somebody’s got something. I’m going to apply for the MICA job today, after talking with Whitney, and also contact the guy that Brad knows down in the harbor.

I have to work on my Perl skills. There’s just no other way I’ll be marketable. I think I might need to get qualified in UNIX server admin or something like that…. I’m such a liability right now. No real good building skills- just a pile of semi-cool websites and experience with a failed dot-com. I should have been learning more, dammit.

Fortunately it’s a beautiful day outside, and there’s a cool breeze floating through here. Today I’m going to get the illustration stuff dusted off and see if I can’t get something happening there.

Also going to get the old Jewish Times interactive stuff dusted off and install it on the server as an example of my experience. Gotta go find it now…

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