Well, my intentions were good (oh, lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood): I would up deleting my Outlook Express mail archive last night when I zero-erased the removable hard drive; all my mail from January to last night is gone. There are other, smaller issues I’m running up against, but overall it’s not that bad. Really, I should not have been so damn dependent on that removable anyway, and should have done the switchover to my internal drive much earlier.

There is a mandatory staff meeting today at 10:30. I’m nervous and worried. I heard a rumor yesterday that GR8 up in Baltimore hasn’t paid into its’ employees’ 401K in a year, and that they haven’t paid salaries in a month or two. This could just be bad management-hell, it’s not that uncommon-but I’m still very nervous, just like everyone else around here. They’re clamping down on hours, they want to get us up above 80% billable as soon as possible, and they want more strict billing proceedures followed- that’s all fine and good. But there’s not a whole lot of billable work coming in right now, and I’m really nervous.

Good news department: the screw to my Ray-Bans, which took a vacation on Tuesday, showed up in the bottom of my Docs this morning on the train-a different pair of shoes than the ones I was wearing Tuesday. Coincidence?

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