I went back to System Source last Friday, and learned a very valuable lesson. That’s the last time my pride gets in the way of me getting a good job. I think I’m going to spend this time reflecting on just what an idiot I can be, and try to make my print and web design better, stronger, and faster. Renie’s going to loan me her G3, which is GREAT news. I have to run up there and pick it up- maybe next week I’ll zoom up there for a few days and chill out. She’s looking at buying a house, which is fantastic news for her. I wish her the best with that.

Jen and I spent the weekend at her parents’ house; that was good for me, to get out of here for awhile, but by Monday night I was dying. I needed to get on with life, and to get cracking on building a career again. Fortunately, Jen understood where I was coming from, and she knew I needed to begin the process. Still, it was hard to separate ourselves after clinging to each other for so long. It rained all day, and that made it harder to deal with- it was a very depressing goodbye.

The stuff I heard about GR8 is true, and all the other firms locally are in big trouble. There are a few small glimmers of hope on the horizon, but overall it’s pretty scary right now. I’m just going to hunker down and try to conserve and save and scrimp as much as I can. I love Betty to death, but she sent me something about going out to Vegas to see Matt and Sophie. What the heck is that? I don’t have a job. I thought it was pretty insensitive.

I’m still dealing with the idea of not having disposable income- I guess those days are over now. I need to broaden my skillset to include some useful capabilities- some programming would be best at this point.

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