It’s Sunday, and Jen and I got up after a long night of tossing and turning. I couldn’t sleep too well because of five margaritas, and Jen’s back and leg can’t take my bed. Yesterday was bittersweet; I went in to Supon to collect my stuff. Jake and Wayne were there, but very sad; it was like a funeral procession marching through there to get our stuff.

Tim showed up to help get our archived stuff off Astro, the production server, and he was really great about getting us what we needed. Katherine and Scott were there later on, and we talked a bit about what was going on, but it was a different feeling from the other day when we got laid off- we went out for drinks immediately after leaving the building and then saw the pandas at the zoo.

I was hoping to go get some lunch with everyone afterwards, but I see now how everyone just wanted to clear out and get on with life- we were all pretty disgusted with what happened. Katherine went home, Scott went to play Ultimate, and Tim went back upstairs to get work done. Tim is really sad, and I think he’s scared too. He suddenly has a LOT of work on his plate- he’s now the designer and the manager, and it’s a big shoe to fill.

I’m considering going back to System Source, my alma mater of Internet design and programming. They’re looking for a Creative Director, whatever that means, and it’s a relatively stable company with a pretty decent client list and good revenue. I left there because the management for our department was shit, there was no marketing, and the sales staff was clueless.

Interesting article on stress testing a website.

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