The last few days have been a blur. I can’t remember what I’ve done for the last weekdays, only that I have a semi-functional 8500 working a lot better and the NT box is cleaned up and running.

Jen and I have been going around and around; the stress of my losing my job and her bleakening financial situation have really put a strain on our relationship. She has a lot of worries about her money situation, she’s talking about selling her car, and possibly filing for bankruptcy. I want to help but I don’t have any idea what to do to help her.

Yesterday Dave met us in the city and we drove to Bonaparte’s, a french cafe right on the water in Fell’s Point. I thought it would cheer us all up, but Dave seemed distant and Jen and I were still suffering from our malaise. For me, it was great to get out on a weekday and sit by the water in the breeze, watch people walk by, and soak up the sun.

Hmm. No word from Andy about a laptop yet, and I haven’t heard anything from Mr. Globe Poster about anything other than the fact that there was a mixup and it would get taken care of. Given my current situation, I really should put a stop-payment on my check, but I haven’t.

I may have to pick up an iBook if and when I ever get a job somewhere. They look great, although they still have 12.2″ screens (which are supposed to be a higher density pixel count than regular 12.2″ screens) and the video-out is mirror-only, from what i understand. I think we’ll have to make a trip down to Tyson’s to take a look at the merchandise sometime.

On the other hand, all that obsessive saving of money this past year and a half really came in handy. I think I’m going to have to wait out the market a little bit, and really hound Andy about that laptop. Jason had a good point about the machinery they’re sitting on at Cidera- he says the depreciation could actually count for them once the machines have lost their value- then they can sell them for a profit once they (on paper) aren’t worth anything anymore.

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