This past week has been a blur. Work is extremely busy with added responsibilities, and i missed about three days of solid work due to a pre-existing commitment to shoot video for a WRI event in New York City. Ordinarily that kid of thing is fun, but we don’t have a dedicated event planner on staff so the stress level for everyone was extremely high. For my part I was tasked with shooting video of the event, which is normally fine, but I spent most of Wednesday running up and down the stairs at the Ford Foundation getting set up and tearing down after the event was over. I really noticed my age at about 7PM when I’d been kneeling and standing for four hours and my joints were getting creakier each time.

I got back home on Thursday afternoon and was devoured by meetings and managerial work until Friday at quitting time; this administrative stuff is extremely draining.

Saturday we went back down to Lexington Park and I got the tile grouted. Next up we have to schedule a delivery for the vanity, and I have to shave the excess off that toilet flange and put a new one in flush with the floor.

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