I don’t want to bog this account of cancer down with extended coverage of my bottom system, but that’s been the main thing on my mind this past week. They’ve been shooting radiation at my abdomen for 23 of the last 31 days, and that’s had a distinct effect on my, uh, experience. It could also be the residual effects of the anti-nausea medication they gave me during chemo; the nurse cheerfully warned me that it might “make my rectum burn” when they gave it to me. I’m thinking about my bottom constantly because it’s angry. Angry before, during, and after each occasion. If anyone asks me how the first part of cancer treatment felt, I’m going to tell them it was OK except for the shitting napalm part. Too much information?

Alarmingly, the first symptoms of the baby getting larger have shown up. My right kneecap is numb, and this afternoon it feels like it’s stretching down the front of my leg. This is certainly due to something pinching a nerve somewhere in my pelvis, the first time this kind of thing has happened. The doctors were amazed two months ago that nothing like this was already happening; I guess I’m about due.

I think the other thing I’d tell people is about the utter boredom involved here. Yes, there’s TV and the internet, but as I’ve said before, TV is a toilet and the internet is short-attention-span theater. I downloaded a couple of books from the library and started reading them. I’ve got a couple of Big Important Books that have been on my Kindle for months but I haven’t been up to tackling those this week, so I’m currently digging into a hard-hitting biography of Billy Joel. I’m on the fifth episode of Stranger Things but I’m saving the rest of that for Chemo Week so I have something to look forward to.

Further proving our friends and family are awesome, we’ve had several folks drop off food that was unexpected and delicious (and a stress reliever for Jen), several gifts in the mail (I’m wearing a toasty hat from Renie right now) and more cards and letters. Thanks, everyone.

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