I didn’t post yesterday because I felt like total shit. Went to treatment, came home, crawled into bed, and didn’t get out. I was awake at midnight, 2, 4, and 6AM because my left kidney hurt really bad; only using the bathroom and laying on my side all night made things feel better. It was the kind of pain that felt like the leadup pain to kidney stones, but I think I may have doubled up on my mesna prescription by mistake. We’re getting that sorted out right now, because I’m 4 pills short this time. I don’t know what happened.

Today I felt better during treatment, helped in no small part by the last three episodes of Stranger Things, which made me weep with joy as it wrapped up. We made it home to find multiple packages on the porch, sent by my family: a shiny XBOX One S with a handful of games to get me through next week. Nothing says recovery like disemboweling hordes of Orcs in Middle Earth. THANK YOU, Mom, Dad, Ren, and Tony. I devoured half an order of Pho and started to set the console up before my guts exploded, and completed the process after everything calmed down. I’m looking forward to one final day of treatment and then a long break.

Coffee is off the menu until further notice. Glad I’ve been only drinking half-caf for the last month.

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