This looks like it could be a good upgrade: WHITE 4 point 194 style LED replacement bulb – At $5 a pop, it’s an expensive proposition, but knowing how difficult it is to get into the dash, I’d rather only do this once. Especially if the light they throw is brighter than incandescent bulbs.

Update- from the comments below, I pulled this link, which is for ten bulbs. Hmmm…

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Chris Myers, the photographer that shot all of our subjects for the University of Baltimore campaign, took some really nice shots of the outdoor billboards in Hampden last month. There are also some shots of the indoor displays at the Gallery.

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Via Drawn: The Yiynova MSP19U Cintiq Alternative Swings for the Fences. This is a ~$500 competitor to Wacom Cintiq tablets, which run in the thousands.

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Evening fire

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One of the many packages I got last week was a repair kit for my speakers, which I figured I’d need over the holidays. The process is pretty simple, and if you understand how speakers work and how fragile they are, it’s not that hard to do.

This is what I started with: you can see the speaker with foam is pretty beat up. It took a putty knife and some delicate work to pry the paper baffle off in one piece, and then a lot of scraping to remove excess glue.

Speakers - before and during foam removal

Then I had to cut off the dust cover in order to isolate and center the dome on the magnet. This was the diciest part of the whole thing, because I was cutting over the paper dome with an X-acto knife. I also had to be careful not to nick or cut the wires to the dome.

Carefully cutting the dust cover off

Those white things are thin plastic sheets which slide down in between the dome and the magnet center.

Glued and waiting for foam

After letting the glue tack, I pressed the foam around the edges of the dome and then glued the outside edge to the frame. They’re sitting on the bench in the basement overnight, and I’ll be ready to put them back in tomorrow.

Foam installed and drying

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Imperial stout and homemade chocolate truffles. Life sucks

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This morning we got up early to have breakfast with Santa at the Baltimore Zoo. I went into it not really expecting much, but came away pleasantly surprised. We rode the tram up to the original mansion/administrative house and found tables set up for us out on the porch. A beautiful spread was laid out, and we filled up on eggs, bacon, french toast and potatoes while Santa came in and got settled nearby. At the same time, zoo staff brought in a pair of penguins and a chinchilla for the kids to see, as well as a craft table to make ornaments, bird feeders, and gingerbread cookies. Most importantly, Finn had a great time.

* * *

My brother-in-law Glenn and I had standing plans to visit the Annapolis gun show today, long before the events in Connecticut hit the news. We debated our plans Saturday via text, but ultimately decided we’d go. He’s in the market for a shotgun of some kind, and I’m looking specifically at gun safes and trigger locks.

The Annapolis Armory looks just like every other armory I’ve ever been to. It’s smooth 1950’s brick surrounded by scrubby pine and vintage tanks, and the interior is painted industrial shades of blue and gray. Jammed into the gymnasium were gun dealers of all shapes and sizes, as well as surplus sellers, book dealers, and knife and crossbow tables. There were a lot of Vietnam veteran patches, acres of camouflage, and some very interesting hairstyles on display. We walked one side of the gym to the other, and without fault were surrounded by some of the most courteous people I’ve been around in a long time. I suppose the proximity of so much deadly weaponry underlines the need to be civil to your fellow man. The mood was subdued and serious. Quiet men pored over the hardware, speaking quietly to each seller. I overheard one man inquire about sales volume, and the dealer explained that purchasing was up since Friday, especially AR-15s and other semiautomatics. There were all kinds of guns on display, from shiny antique rifles to AR variants dressed up with modular accessories like Transformers.

With all the merchandise on display, there was one category I did not see represented anywhere: not a single gun safe, trigger lock, or other method of securing firearms. My intention was to ask questions and educate myself as much as possible, but there wasn’t anyone to talk to. Perhaps that says everything there is to say about gun control.

* * *

Finn and I stopped in to the Lowe’s this weekend to do some Christmas scouting, and I noticed they’re selling the Nest thermostat. I fooled around with it for as long as Finn would let me, and I came away extremely impressed. After having read through the website, this is something I can definitely see in our future. I’m the guy who installed programmable thermostats in my last two houses and actually took the time to set them up; if a $200 investment could save us even more money in heating costs down the road, I’m all ears.

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From Metafilter: a link to some free music inspired by Boards of Canada, with extra bonus links to similar artists.

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I’m filing this one away for Science Tuesdays: What are cool and inexpensive home science experiments I can do to blow my son's mind? – Quora.

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Yep, this is cool: How Obsessive Fans Built a Better Han Solo Blaster.

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